Les Halles Bordeaux在香港開設「波爾多法國高尚美食城」

Les Halles Bordeaux在香港開設「波爾多法國高尚美食城」推廣正宗法國美食

法國的Les Halles Bordeaux剛在香港成立「波爾多法國高尚美食城」,旨在為香港消費者及企業提供來自波爾多的優質有機食品,在2013/2014的新產品系列當中,您可發掘到由Les Halles Bordeaux心思創意獨家供應的精緻美食。


Les Halles Bordeaux代表着十二位各種不同的優質法國美食專家,他們皆具備了精湛的廚藝及多年製作美食的經驗。Les Halles Bordeaux就像法國美食大使一樣,代表了法國佳餚的各種獨特品味。

「Les Halles Bordeaux Experience」可讓您體驗,品嚐法國美食的特點及豐富之處。此系列包括海鮮 (養殖和有機的野生煙薰三文魚、Gravlex三文魚及肉醬),醃肉 (Bayonne火腿、肉醬),來自阿基坦省的魚子醬,鵝肝,芝士 (羊奶酪、牛奶酪、山羊乳酪),香料及食用油,糕點 (馬卡龍、波爾多甜點canelé、巧克力),果醬,蜜糖及chutney醬。還有Les Halles Bordeaux的伏特加酒,在其酒瓶上刻有「D」字標誌和鑲了Swarovski的水晶。

Les Halles Bordeaux向客戶保證所有產品在養殖,農作,收成的過程中均不含有基因改造元素,對動物,家畜亦以認真和尊重的手法處理。此外,所有生產過程都是經人手操作和採用天然材料製造。還有,公司對顧客的貼心服務。

關於Les Halles Bordeaux公司
成立於二零一二年,Les Halles Bordeaux公司供應的一系列法國美食產品,宗旨是為企業提供專業的飲食服務。最新的2013/2014系列同時亦為法國的獨立顧客及中國內地的精選商店而設。公司預期於十一月在香港開設第一間店舖。
Les Halles Bordeaux最暢銷的產品已於網上商店有售。
最新的Les Halles Bordeaux Experience現正為客戶提供多項私人及企業活動的飲食服務。
Les Halles Bordeaux將參與今年10月31至11月3日在中環新海濱舉行的香港美酒佳餚巡禮。請前來Gourmet Gallery發掘法國美食的獨特體驗,在VIP區內享用 “la planche gourmande”(美食閣)。

Les Halles Bordeaux Limited
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Les Halles Bordeaux presents the authentic French Fine Foods in Hong Kong

Newly established in Hong Kong, Les Halles Bordeaux offers premium and organic food from Bordeaux Region of France, in both quality and taste, to private individuals and corporate entities. Within its new collection 2013/2014, you will find new gastronomic trends, created and unique to Les Halles Bordeaux.

This collection is designed for professional catering and hospitality trade, private parties and corporate gatherings and also for a clientele of individual customers in France and China.

Les Halles Bordeaux represent twelve different connoisseurs of quality French cuisine, all these partners are with a high regard for their expertise. Les Halles Bordeaux is the ambassador of French cuisine and incomparable with regards to taste.

The “Les Halles Bordeaux Experience” lets you experience their specialties and discover the richness of the French cuisine at your own event. Their selection includes seafood (farmed and organic wild smoked salmon, Gravlex salmon & rillettes,…) , cure meat (Bayonne ham, patés,…), caviar from Aquitaine, foie gras, cheese (sheep cheese, cow cheese, goat cheese), spices and oils, pastry (macaroons, canelés, chocolate), jam, honey and chutney, wine from Bordeaux and spirit Vodka D from Cognac by Swarovski.

Les Halles Bordeaux guarantees exceptional product quality with the absence of genetically modified foods in all respects to cultivating, farming, and harvesting the land, a conscientious and respectful care of animal livestock, manual methods of production, all natural ingredients, strict cold chain maintained from their workshops direct to your table, and customer service with an attention to detail.

About Les Halles Bordeaux
Founded in 2012, Les Halles Bordeaux has developed a line of gourmet products, primarily for professional catering and hospitality trade. This new collection 2013/2014 has also been designed for a clientele of individual customers in France and the mainland China in selected stores. The company is currently working on opening its first store and corners in Hong Kong in November.

Their best sellers are already available in Hong-Kong on the shop online.

The new line of service, Les Halles Bordeaux Experience, is now available to individuals for both private and professional events in Hong Kong.

Les Halles Bordeaux will be present at the Hong-Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2013, 31st October to 3rd November at the new Central harbour front. Come and discover the French fine dining experience at the Gourmet Gallery and enjoy “la planche gourmande” at the VIP Lounge.

For more details, please visit www.leshallesbordeaux.com

Les Halles Bordeaux Limited
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