法國G2J參展2014年在西班牙巴塞隆納舉行的全球移動通訊展 (Mobile World Congress)
G2J announces its participation to the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona

G2J.COM是IEC專業媒體集團(NYSE- Euronext, IEC - FR0000066680)旗下的公司,宣佈將參加二零一四年二月二十四至二十七日在西班牙巴塞隆納舉行的全球移動通訊展。

G2J展位設於Pôle SYSTEMATIC展區第五展廳的法國展館,公司將介紹專為移動通訊專業用戶開發的視像會議方案。

在二零一四年全球移動通訊展會的G2J展位上,參觀人士將可看到安全移動視像會議系統的解決方案,這些方案儲存於雲端(私人會議和公共會議),並以web & mobile MyEasyVision®應用程式進行連接。


由於具有流暢的和直觀的用戶經驗,MyEasyVision®將視像會議的功能擴展至企業的所有人。MyEasyVision®可作為唯一的進入點,提供定制、即時監控和報告功能。這一應用程式可透過所有的web瀏覽器和移動通訊終端 (Android和 iOS) 進入,與所有廠商的設備都是兼容的,並適用於所有網絡。


公司的總裁和創建人José JACQUES-GUSTAVE將代表公司出席展會。出席人員還包括技術服務經理Loic FERARY、研發負責人Guillaume BLACHON、產品經理Arnaud BLACHON以及負責公司市場推廣的Clément HERAUD。


G2J的總裁和創建人José JACQUES-GUSTAVE表示:「我們為不同的營運商提供過各種方案,都取得成功,我們把基礎設施進行了適應性調整,以解決現在與未來的安全和可操作性問題。有了這種知識,營運商能以最佳方案開展G2J的雲端服務,不使用CAPEX也可以產生收入。網絡的發展和4G的應用使我們對移動通訊的高解析度視像會議服務充滿信心。歡迎大家來我們的展位,我們可以回答你們提出的所有問題,並向你們介紹我們的方案。」








G2J announces its participation to the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona

G2J.COM (a company owned by IEC Professionnel Média (NYSE - Euronext, IEC - FR0000066680) announces its participation to the Mobile World Congress 2014 (24 to 27 February 2014) in Barcelona, Spain.

In hall 5 of the “SYSTEMATIC” Cluster – France Pavillon, G2J will present its videoconferencing solutions for professionals on-the-go.

During this 2014 edition of the Mobile World Congress, the visitors of the G2J stand will discover secured mobile videoconferencing solutions, available in cloud mode (private or public), geared around the MyEasyVision® web & mobile application.

G2J provides operators a solution to meet the challenges related to usage massification, in particular the management of mobile video-conferencing, no matter the devices and networks used. G2J infrastructures allow operators to make safe interconnections in order to deploy the MyEasyVision® offer for their customers. The possibilities of integration gave out by MyEasyVision® open perspectives for automatization (eg. billing).

MyEasyVision® offers a fluid and intuitive experience, which makes video-conferencing easily accessible to everyone in companies. MyEasyVision® is the single gate for real-time booking, monitoring and reporting features. This application is available from all web browsers and mobile devices: #Android #iOS. It is compatible with all manufacturers, no matter the network used.

Diagram showing the interoperability of G2J corporate services.

The company will be represented on site by Mr José JACQUES-GUSTAVE, CEO & Founder; Mr Loic FERARY, Technical and Service Manager; Mr Guillaume BLACHON, R&D Manager; Mr Arnaud BLACHON, Product Manager and Mr Clément HERAUD, in charge of Marketing & Communication at G2J.

These representatives will be available for visitors to discuss on current specific challenges and show how the G2J expertise can meet these challenges. It will be a perfect opportunity to discover a company focused on video-conferencing cloud solutions to meet current and future IT issues: mobility, safety and massification.

“Further to our successful experience with white-label products for various TelCo, we adapted and improved our infrastructures to meet current and future operability and safety issues. These skills allow operators to deploy G2J cloud services in an optimal way, and to make profit without CAPEX. The evolution of networks and the deployment of the 4G make us confident with respect to high-definition mobile video-conferencing services. We are looking forward to meeting you in our stand, to answer all your questions and present solutions customised for you”, says José JACQUES-GUSTAVE, CEO and Founder of G2J.

Other innovative solutions will be unveiled during the event. Come and visit the G2J stand in hall 5, “SYSTEMATIC” Cluster – France Pavillon to discover them!

About G2J :

G2J is a company created in 1994 and owned by the IEC Group. It is the only French video-conferencing expert offering a comprehensive range of services to set up remote meetings easily and securely all over the world, no matter your access resources and equipment. G2J provides customised Cloud solutions which meet companies’ unified communication needs combined to 24/7 multilingual user support.

Major public and financial organizations, SMEs and Major Groups entrust G2J to implement efficient solutions and ensure a high safety and quality level all over the world.

G2J has more than 300 corporate customers and sets up 90,000 remote meetings every year, for more than 300,000 end-users, with 7,500 devices. An average of 3 tons of CO2 are saved for each remote meetings.

Find out more information on our website: www.g2j.com

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