新店樓高兩層,坐落中環歌賦街,提供Caudalie的獨家產品和Vinothérapie® Spas的特選療程,該品牌利用葡萄和葡萄藤製成對抗皮膚衰老的護膚產品。除了地鋪外,Caudalie亦於香港設立地區辦事處,統籌品牌在區內市場的銷售活動,並作為與巴黎總部聯繫的平台。

  Caudalie香港公司的亞太區總監Cecile Ossola表示,選擇香港作為巴黎和紐約以外第三個地區辦事處,是由於香港在亞洲擁有優越的地理位置,而且容易物色化妝專業人士。




  Caudalie是由Bertrand Thomas夫婦於一九九五年創立的家族生意,亦是首家以葡萄和葡萄藤製造護膚品的公司。目前,Caudalie的產品在超過二十五個國家出售,並在香港、巴黎和紐約設有地區辦事處。如欲了解更多關於Caudalie的資料,可瀏覽

Caudalie 是由Mathilde andBertrand Thomas 夫婦創立的家族生意。
Caudalie is an independent and family-run company created by Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas.



Caudalie opens its Asian flagship boutique in Hong Kong

French skincare company, Caudalie, opened its first boutique in Hong Kong on November 7.
法國護膚品公司Caudalie 於十一月七日宣布在香港開設亞洲第一間旗艦店。

French skincare company, Caudalie, opened its first boutique in Hong Kong on November 7, as part of its strategic expansion plan in the region.

The two-storey boutique on Gough Street in Central offers Caudalie's unique products and selected treatments from Vinothérapie® Spas, which claim as using grapes and grapevines as well as their beneficial antioxidant on skin. Apart from the street level retail shop, the company also set up its regional office in Hong Kong, to oversee the marketing activities of the brand in the region and act as an interface with the Paris headquarters.

The Regional Director (Asia Pacific) of Caudalie Hong Kong Ltd, Ms Cecile Ossola, said that Hong Kong was chosen as the company's third regional office in the world after Paris and New York because of the city's strategic location in Asia and the ease of hiring cosmetic professionals.

She said, "We have very exciting projects for Asia, so choosing the right anchor point is an important first step. Our main challenge is to increase our brand awareness, reach new customers and promote the benefits of our products. We have a very creative communication team working closely with journalists and bloggers. Hong Kong offers an excellent platform for us to start with all these initiatives in Asia." She added that a series of anti-ageing products will soon be introduced to Hong Kong to cope with the huge demand for cutting edge beauty products.

The Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr Andrew Davis, welcomed Caudalie and said, "Beauty and skincare products take up a large share of Hong Kong's retail industry. Although there are new brands joining the market almost every day, customers' demand for quality skincare and cosmetics remains sufficient enough to accept overseas brands such as Caudalie. I believe that the market will continue to thrive and attract newcomers."

About Caudalie

Established in 1995, Caudalie is an independent and family-run company created by Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas. It is acclaimed as the pioneer and leader in skincare derived from grapes and grapevines. At the moment, Caudalie products are available in more than 25 countries with regional offices in Hong Kong, Paris and New York. For more information, please visit

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