Comment from Team GBR Chef de Mission

Comment from Team GBR Chef de Mission, Dr. Graeme Maw.

Regarding preparation:

"We’re expecting a spectacular Games and we have been impressed by what we have seen on our two prior visits. The sports facilities are extensive, both those existing and those that have been built are spectacular. We are expecting the opening and closing ceremonies to be very grand and we found the organisers and attaches incredibly helpful and friendly. We are looking forward to working with them again for the next three and a half weeks."

Regarding challenges:

"We are faced with the usual challenges that come with international sport and travel. There are always challenges when bringing a large number of athletes overseas who want to compete to the best of their ability, but we have found the organising really helpful."

Regarding expectation:

"I’m expecting Shenzhen to be a friendly Games but also a very competitive Games. I know that the standard of competition is generally very high at the World University Games and Team GBR will bring our largest and one of our strongest teams yet. I think Shenzhen can be viewed as a transition from a Chinese Olympiad to a British Olympiad from Beijing to London. The excitement that this has generated among the people of Great Britain is enormous.

Through my past experience working at past University Games, I thoroughly enjoy working with the camaraderie of colleagues from other teams, with FISU and the Chinese people themselves. The attaches we worked with before were fantastic with a great understanding of our needs."