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SOWINE爲完美的葡萄酒品嘗提供保障,讓您在數天內完全自由地享用,並保持葡萄酒於最佳的飲用溫度。SOWINE在2008年法國Trophée de la Maison 大賽上獲得同類別中的獎項。


EuroCave大舉進軍國際市場,如今在全球五大洲的七十多個國家擁有市場。客戶當中包括那些享有盛名的葡萄酒生産商與批發商(拉菲羅希爾酒莊Château Lafite Rothschild、貝托斯酒莊Pétrus、布裏翁酒莊Château Haut Brion)以及頂級酒店中的餐廳(巴黎麗茲酒店Le Ritz、克裏雍酒店Le Crillon、嘎納的納格瑞斯克le Negresco、米蘭的le Diana Majestic酒店、馬拉喀什的碼穆尼亞酒店la Mamounia、香港的凱悅酒店等)。


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EuroCave of France, a specialist in wine preservation, presentation and service solutions, has launched the Sowine home wine bar – a sophisticated refrigerated wine bar that allows opened bottles of wine to be stored at the correct temperature for up to 10 days.

Sowine allows users to bring two bottles of wine (white or red) to the ideal serving temperature and to store them in an airtight environment for up to 10 days after opening. Sowine features two completely separate compartments that can be set to the temperature best suited to the type of wine. It also helps to preserve the wine by automatically removing any air from within the storage compartment, so as to protect the bottles from oxidation. Sowine is designed for use in the home, but it is also suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, bars and boats.

Sowine is the result of 10 months of R&D by EuroCave. The product is designed to reflect current trends towards reduction in alcohol consumption, as it enables consumers to enjoy a single glass of wine without the need to finish the bottle. Sowine allows drinkers to enjoy wine at their own pace over several days, always at the right temperature and with the quality preserved.

Sowine’s stylish and modern design combines metal features with a transparent front so as to fit in well with any style of decoration. Sowine was awarded the French Trophée de la Maison 2008 for its category.

About EuroCave Group

EuroCave, which is headquartered near Lyons (in south-eastern France), manufactures refrigerated wine cabinets; the company also distributes a range of wine-storage products and products for serving wine. Its products are aimed at both consumers and professionals. The company invented the refrigerated wine cabinet in the 1970s, and innovation continues to be EuroCave´s top priority – indeed, the group has a specialised R&D department.

EuroCave is present in over 70 countries across the five continents. Its prestigious list of clients includes wine producers/merchants (Château Lafite Rothschild, Pétrus and Château Haut-Brion, among others) and the restaurants of leading hotels, including the Ritz and the Crillon in Paris (France), the Negresco in Cannes (France), the Diana Majestic in Milan (Italy), the Mamounia in Marrakech (Morocco), and the Hyatt in Hong Kong (China).

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