融合中、港、台三地資源度身設計LED燈飾 自家品牌「綠能照明」專利產品首陸香港
Tailor-made LED Lighting to Integrate Resources in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Patent Local Brand "Green Lighting" First Arrives Hong Kong

「綠能照明有限公司」(Luman Lighting Limited)(簡稱「綠能照明」)於一連四天由香港貿發局舉辦的香港國際春季燈飾展上(第5展廳5G-B37展位),展出最新的LED燈飾及環保照明方案設計。自家品牌照明產品主要分為LED照明燈源和設備兩大類,全線產品均嚴格遵從一系列國際標準,包括歐盟的RoHs《限制電器及電子設備指令》,CE產品質量認證,UL(美國)及cUL(加拿大)安全標準認證等。

「綠能照明」LED衣架光管系列 是為商業櫥櫃首次量身定造的照明設備,該產品將衣架管與光管合為一體,大大節省衣櫃儲存空間,令衣櫃更加簡潔、大方。該產品高亮度的照明範圍由865lm至900lm,令受光照限制的櫥櫃里面光亮、明朗,衣物一目了然。鋁質衣架管的最大承受重量為20公斤,並有銀色、黑色、香檳色及紫色可供選擇。

「綠能照明」LED蠟燭燈系列 獨特的蠟燭造型仿似火焰,外型輕巧,配合水晶枝型吊燈使用,讓水晶產生明亮閃爍效果,盡顯水晶燈的復古奢華,營造浪漫的照明氣氛。該產品已通過CE及RoHS安全標準驗證,以相同的光度來說,比傳統鎢絲燈泡節省百份之八十能源,但不會釋放紫外線或紅外線,不含水銀,壽命長達10年。


是本地原創LED照明產品持有者,其產品及設計符合香港人善於利用有限資源、靈活多變、富有時代觸覺的特色,能配合海外、亞洲及香港市場對優質產品的需求。 的產品類別多樣化,由室內、外的光源及應用,至平面顯示屏背光系統一應俱全。

公司亦從以人為本的角度出發,提供OEM / ODM的專業設計服務,提供一站式服務:包括研發LED照明應用、項目系統整合分析、設計及產品研發、生產和銷售,24小時內為客戶提供度身定制的專業燈光方案,並提供創新和美觀設計的燈飾,使客戶可因不同的環境或項目需要,裝配LED燈具產品,達至照明和營造優質綠色生活的目標。


Luman Lighting Limited( "Lunman Lighting") displayed its latest LED illumination and green lighting design for four days in the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition) at Booth 5G-B37 which was held by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). Own brand product LUMAN is divided into light source and light fixtures. All the products strictly comply with international standards, such as RoHs / CE / UL (USA) / cUL (Canada).

Two patent products of Luman Lighting -- Closet Light Series and LED Candle Light Series will be launched this year:

LUMAN'S Closet Light Series - the first stylish commercial design. This space-saving design combines coat hangers with plain tubes which economizes the capacity of the closet. The high brightness illuminating range of the product covers from 865lm to 900lm that effectively lights up the closet with limited light sources. The aluminum holder holds 20KG maximum. 4 different colors are available: silver, black, champagne and purple.

LUMAN'S LED Candle Light Series - Unique Candle-shape with High Brightness Lighting blends in with crystal lights perfectly. The glittering effect adds a sleek yet luxurious touch to the romantic environment. The product has passed the international safety examination such as CE and RoHS. The LED candle light is 80% more efficient in power consumption than traditional halogen lamps. Furthermore, LED products contain no mercury and no Ultraviolet and infra-red is emitted. The expected life span of LED is up to 10 years.

Professional teams of LUMAN integrate the resources from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and invest their global horizons, regional market sense and creativity into the design of LED lighting. The Taiwan R&D centre focuses on R&D and improvement of products and enhances LUMAN products' stability and performance. Also, by combining the professional design by Hong Kong design team with the advanced equipments in the production base in China, LUMAN is able to tailor-made any products upon special requests.

As the "Green Concept" is getting more popular globally, LUMAN applies its greatest effort to develop the energy-saving products. There are strcit requirements on raw materials selections and components, producing procedures and delivery process for all products, which significantly reduce the power consumption and the emissions of greenhouse gases. The Company is committed to minimizing the damages imposed to the environment.

LUMAN is a local brand of LED lighting products. The stylish yet flexible products and designs maximize the limited resources efficiency, which fits in perfectly with the demands of markets in overseas, Asia and Hong Kong. The diversified product range of the self-owned brand -LUMAN varies from indoor / outdoor light sources and applications, to LCD backlight system.

The company is people-oriented, providing professional tailor-made OEM/ODM services. Its one-stop service includes: R&D of LED applications, project-based analysis, product design, production, sales, marketing and round the clock support and service for professional tailor-made lighting proposal and the creative and artistic design of the products. LED products provide a better lighting and greener solution to the environment.