Beaming Image of the Sun

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, everyone can easily see the image of eternal President KIM IL SUNG (1912-1994) smiling as brightly as the sun. The people wear a badge bearing the beaming image of KIM IL SUNG.

His smile reflects his satisfaction and pride that he had done everything he could do as a human being and as a statesman.

During the Japanese military occupation of Korea (1905-1945) in the early days of the 20thcentury, he was born into a poor peasant family. Having set out on the revolutionary struggle in his teens he authored the Juche idea and the Songun idea, ideas of great significance for the Korean revolution and the cause of independence of mankind. During the long period of leading the revolution, he energetically conducted ideological and theoretical activities, developing those ideas into encyclopedic guidelines in the struggle for independence, liberation and socialism and into a spiritual wealth common to mankind.

He brilliantly led the Korean revolution along the road to victory and gave a strong impetus to the cause of independence of mankind. He accomplished the cause of national liberation (August 15, 1945) by conducting a 20-year-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, and founded the Workers’ Party of Korea (October 10, 1945), organizer and guide of all victories of the Korean people. He successfully carried out the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution and, on the basis of it, founded the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (September 9, 1948), the first people’s democratic state in the East. He led the Korean war (1950-1953) to victory by defeating the US-led allied imperialist forces. After the completion of postwar rehabilitation and reconstruction and the socialist revolution, he organized and guided socialist construction of several stages, thus building the DPRK into a powerful socialist country, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence. He performed undying exploits in carrying out the cause of reunification of the Korean nation by putting forward several proposals such as the three principles for national reunification, the plan for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo and the ten-point programme of the great unity of the whole nation, all called the three charters for Korea’s reunification. He also rendered great contributions to accomplishing the cause of global independence through energetic activities for the unity and development of the world socialist movement and the non-aligned movement.

His ennobling humanity grasped the hearts of all the people. Those who had met him, be they Koreans or foreigners, became fascinated by him and cherished the feeling of worship towards him in spite of themselves, transcending differences in political view and religious belief. Luiser Rinzer, a prominent German authoress and a devout Catholic believer, praised him as a “divine being whether he liked it or not.” Jimmy Carter, former President of the US, stated that President KIM IL SUNG was greater than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, the most illustrious early US presidents, all combined.
The beaming image of KIM IL SUNG is expressive of his confidence and optimism in the bright future of socialist Korea.

His ideology and cause were brilliantly inherited by KIM JONG IL (1942-2011), eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK. KIM JONG IL systematized and developed in a comprehensive way the Juche idea and the Songun idea authored by the President so as to ensure that it shone brilliantly as an ever-victorious revolutionary theory guiding the cause of independence of the masses. In the closing years of the previous century, when the socialist cause in the DPRK was experiencing the worst trial owing to the intensive anti-socialist offensive by the US-led imperialist allied forces after the demise of President
KIM IL SUNG, KIM JONG IL, holding the banner of Songun higher, led to victory the anti-imperialist, anti-US showdown as fierce as a war, thus staunchly defending socialism; he not only unfolded a grandiose plan for building a thriving socialist country but also led the people to providing a springboard for its execution. Under his wise leadership, the DPRK attained the status of a space power and a nuclear power. KIM JONG IL formulated the lines and proposals for independent national reunification advanced by KIM IL SUNG as three charters for Korea’s reunification and set up a new milestone for national reunification under the idea of By Our Nation Itself. Through adroit diplomatic strategies and energetic external activities, he rendered a great contribution to advancing the world socialist movement, securing peace and security in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world, and implementing the cause of anti-imperialist independence.

Today, the cause of independence, Songun and socialism is being steadfastly carried forward by KIM JONG UN. Having been brought into the limelight of the international society as a young leader, KIM JONG UN, in just over four years after the demise of KIM JONG IL, has achieved eye-opening successes to the wonder of the world while resolutely frustrating the challenges of the US-led hostile forces: the Masikryong Ski Resort, Munsu Water Park, Rungna People’s Recreation Ground, Mirim Riding Club, Mirae Scientists Street, Sci-Tech Complex and many other structures of lasting significance have been built in various parts of the country, two application satellites have been launched and an H-bomb test was conducted with success.

With the daily-changing looks of the DPRK that is leaping forward towards the status of a thriving socialist state, the beaming image of President KIM IL SUNG will shine for ever.

Great Teacher
KIM IL SUNG led the people, who had won their national independence, to consolidate their political independence and resolve all the problems arising in building a new society as suited to their realities and by their own efforts, and rendered active support to their struggle.

Josip Tito, the then president of Yugoslavia and one of the founders of the non-aligned movement, said that the current world of independence could be associated only with the name of President KIM IL SUNG, highly praising him as the great leader of the world revolution and the non-aligned movement.

In the mid-1980s, KIM IL SUNG gave a great encouragement to the Cuban people, who are holding fast to the banner of socialism in the Western hemisphere, like sending them tens of thousands of rifles and bullets.
KIM IL SUNG ensured that unstinted assistance was given to the economic progress and development of the newly independent countries, with the result that numerous power plants, factories, farms, and irrigation facilities were built in scores of these countries.

He gave a clear answer to the problems arising in agricultural development in the non-aligned and other developing countries on many occasions including a symposium on food and agricultural production in these countries held in Pyongyang. Looking around the fields undulating with golden ears of rice, the then President Hugh Desmond Hoyte of Guyana said, “We must extend warm thanks to President KIM IL SUNG for this bumper harvest because he has sent machines and technicians and taught me how to guide the rural work.”

With great concern for the development of national culture in the developing countries, KIM IL SUNG dispatched specialists to build many structures there, including the Government Building in Lesotho and the Parliament Building in the Central African Republic, and to help production of mass gymnastics works in more than 40 countries.

As praised by individual figures and mass media of several countries, the excellent model of South-South cooperation created by KIM IL SUNG is recorded in golden letters in the history of the struggle of the progressive mankind for building a free and prosperous new world.

Kim Il Sung: A Great Man of the 20th Century

Many great men had been recorded in human history.

However, it had never witnessed such a great man like KIM IL SUNG (1912-1994), who enjoyed admiration and respect by a great number of people from one century into the next.

KIM IL SUNG, eternal President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, who authored the Juche idea that illumines the way ahead of mankind, was a pioneer and the leader of the era of independence. Having embarked on the road of the struggle for the freedom and liberation of his country from the Japanese military occupation (1905-1945) in his teens, he clarified the truth of the Juche idea in the early days of his revolutionary struggle. The Juche idea means, in a nutshell, that the masters of the revolution and construction are the masses of the people and that they are the motive force of the revolution and construction. In other words, it means that the master of one’s destiny is oneself and one has the strength with which to carve out one’s destiny. It constituted a historic event which indicated the road for carving out the destiny of the working people of the whole world, who were subjected to imperialist aggression, plunder, domination and subjugation.

With the faith that the masters of Korean revolution were the Korean revolutionaries, and that no one would make them a present of their independence and they can achieve it only by relying on the strength of their own nation, he waged an anti-Japanese war against the Japanese aggressors, one million strong, and finally achieved the historic cause of national liberation (August 15, 1945).
After liberation, based on the thoroughgoing principle of independence, he advanced the line of nation building suited to the reality of the country and the interests of its people. And he established a genuine people’s state in which people are masters of everything and everything serves them. By dint of the unlimited strength of the Juche idea, he defeated armed aggressors of 16 countries led by the US imperialists, who had boasted of being the “strongest” in the world, and achieved a great victory in the Korean war. Even though the US clamoured that the DPRK would not stand on its feet within one hundred years, he had a powerful socialist country, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence, established on the ruins of war.

The Juche idea, which proved its truth, scientific accuracy, veracity and vitality in reality, attracted attention from the broad international community and was spread to all corners of the five continents. Thanks to this idea, mankind could deliver themselves from darkness that had been prevalent for thousands of years and enter the new era of independence, and the cause of global independence was ushered in.

KIM IL SUNG was an outstanding world’s veteran statesman, who led the cause of independence of mankind under the unfurled banner of anti-imperialist independence throughout his life. In the rapidly-changing political situation of the world, he tightened his grasp on the helm of this cause without any hesitation and led it to victory. When the flag of socialism that had been flying over Kremlin was pulled down and socialism was experiencing frustration and setback in other countries, KIM IL SUNG had his country hold aloft the banner of socialism and encouraged the progressive peoples of the world to advance steadily along the road of independence.

He was a genuine internationalist. In those days of the anti-Japanese war, he had the Korean revolutionaries help the Chinese revolution at the cost of their blood and defend Russia with arms. At the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s,

KIM IL SUNG stood in the vanguard of supporting the Cuban revolution in the international arena. And at the time of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, he supported the Vietnamese people’s resistance against the US. In the 1970s, when the non-aligned movement faced a crisis owing to the imperialist schemes to disintegrate it, he met President Tito of Yugoslavia and told him the main principles and methods for advancing and strengthening the non-aligned movement. In every period of the development of history, he formulated strategies for achieving victory for the cause of global independence against imperialism and ensured that the DPRK unswervingly followed its track even in a complicated situation. In the last period of his life, Chairman Mao Zedong said to KIM IL SUNG that the latter was the only man who could look after the world revolution, asking him to lead the world revolution and the international communist movement in the future, too. Fidel Castro of Cuba said that KIM IL SUNG was the most experienced and prestigious of the heads of state in the world.

KIM IL SUNG was a peerless sage whose noble humanity and virtue left an indelible trace in the world.

His noble traits and humanity were born of his noblest view of and affection for man. His memoirs are tantamount to a textbook on humanity. In the memoirs With the Century, KIM IL SUNG wrote: I respect the people as if they were God; my God is none other than the people; only the masses are omniscient and omnipotent and almighty on earth; therefore, my lifetime motto is “The people are my God.”

American evangelist, Billy Graham, who had been to Korea, said as follows: In north Korea, I felt no need to preach the gospel. The Bible contains the intention of the God, that all should love human beings. And north Korea pursues love of human beings as a state policy. The state’s responsibility for free medical service, free education and people’s clothing, food and housing–this is a state policy set and enforced by KIM IL SUNG who believes in people as in heaven. The people support him as their God. Why is the Bible needed in this country?

The ennobling humanity and unlimited magnanimity of KIM IL SUNG were not limited only to the Korean people but all the world people transcending differences in nationality, citizenship, religious belief and political view. Thanks to the measures taken by him, former chancellor of Austria Bruno Kreisky who had nearly been paraplegic, came to walk on this land and former director of Guinean Broadcasting Station Emile Tompapa, Vishwanath of India and many other people in the world were rescued from the jaws of death.

Even political figures from the countries hostile to the DPRK were deeply moved by his noble personality. Former Deputy Prime Minister of Japan Kanemaru Shin, said that he would unhesitatingly sacrifice his life for the sake of President KIM IL SUNG.

Former President of the United States Jimmy Carter, stated that President KIM IL SUNG was greater than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, the most illustrious early US Presidents, all combined.

KIM IL SUNG will live for ever in the hearts of mankind.

Source: Consulate General of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Hong Kong