DESSANGE: 女士們美容服務專區

DESSANGE: 女士們美容服務專區
DESSANGE: a special setting devoted to women’s beauty



DESSANGE認為美麗源於和諧;要同時擁有亮澤髮絲、年輕肌膚和瑰麗妝容才能特顯女性優雅專貴的一面。作為在全球擁有多間美容分店,致力推行美的理念的品牌,DESSANGE 強烈反對上述兩間違規經營的髮型屋不合法地使用品牌作招徠。



DESSANGE informs its clientele that the 2 salons currently operating under the brand name in Hong Kong are not part of DESSANGE network.

In a bid to ensure exemplary excellence in service among its international franchised hairdressing salons, DESSANGE is committed to renewing franchise agreements with its foreign partners provided that they meet the required service and quality standards. Such has not been the case for several months now at two salons in Hong Kong which are nevertheless still operating under the DESSANGE brand name. Two stores, namely Shop IA, Paterson Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, and 8th floor, Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, have not been part of the DESSANGE company for several months and are using the brand name illegally.

Today, DESSANGE hairdressing salons are a leading reference in high fashion styling and luxury. Every day, women worldwide walk into a DESSANGE salon to entrust their hair to the professionals who work there.
DESSANGE is also in the process of transforming now more than ever its 500 salons in 40 countries into genuine temples devoted to feminine beauty as a whole: hairstyling, beauty care and makeup, hair spa, urban spa…
To DESSANGE, beauty means harmony: harmony between shiny hair, youthful skin and elegant makeup. In keeping with this global beauty concept, DESSANGE is currently strongly opposing the illegal use of its brand name by those two hairdressing salons.

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