To take the situation as a whole into consideration









To take the situation as a whole into consideration

From student strikes until today in various districts of Hong Kong has for some time been occupied by demonstrators, the aspirations and the demands of the protesters and had been fully expressed. Due to the Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok were prolonged occupation by protesters, the main roads blocked at the protest zones, the daily life inconvenience caused to the public, work, school, and business environment are subjected to varying degrees of impact, and retail, hotels, transportation, tourism was severely affected industries. Affected operators, simmering grievances of the residents and the businesses of the protest zones, different views are also emerging society was torn apart, the economic losses, which is not a blessing to Hong Kong people.

Under the Lion Rock Spirit

Hong Kong's present economic success is obvious, which depends on the hard work of several generations of people, watch each other, gritty and perseverance on, "Under the Lion Rock" spirit. In any society, human beings will always exist between grievances, misunderstandings, and pointing to each other is unavoidable, it takes the whole community to act as the main consideration.

Any mass movement initially proceed from idealism and considered, but often changes arising from prolonged time. Violence in Mong Kok, a few days ago, is undoubtedly a dangerous signal. Eight heads of institutions, religious communities, intellectual people have called for the protesters in the demonstration area left the safe and orderly evacuation. Of the occupation movement and Mr Tung Chee-Hwa, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the CPPCC issued a statement of the appeal to students and young friends pointed out that students are the future of Hong Kong, who will be Hong Kong's Chief Executive, believe that they are not only the ideals and commitment but also have the courage and intelligence. He appealed to them to be bold and intelligent, not only actively get to know different opinions peacefully, to seek consensus, and together with the people of Hong Kong do our best efforts to building Hong Kong's future. He noted that the "occupation action of students and young people, your demands for democracy, we have clearly heard. Your commitment to the ideals, we understand. "He advised that:" Hong Kong is a pluralistic society. You throw it all away, participating in occupation operations, the pursuit of democracy, made a lot of sacrifices. But the cornerstone of democracy, is the rule of law, abide by the law. And pluralistic civil society dialogue, communication is the way to solve the disagreement.

Democracy and the rule of law

Democracy and the rule of law has always been the cornerstone of Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability, source of foreign investors ' confidence in investing in Hong Kong. Therefore, for the overall interest of Hong Kong, the people of Hong Kong should consciously adhere to the cornerstone of Hong Kong, and mutual tolerance. Protesters have now fully expressed their aspirations and views should also be taken into account also affected people’s feelings and anger, so protesters should be evacuated as soon as possible the "occupied areas", so that Hong Kong people’s lives back to normal.